hidICE combines the advantages of JTAG trace emulators and common bond-out chip based in-circuit emulators.

Advantages over in-circuit emulators

  • ~10 times(1) higher CPU clock rate possible
  • No bond-out chip required
  • No emulator socket required
  • No bulky, short and expensive probe cables required

Advantages over JTAG trace emulators

  • No loss of trace information because of the trace port’s limited bandwidth
  • No loss of trace information because of limited on-chip trace memory size
  • No loss of pins for the trace port(2), even during recording of trace data
  • No on-chip breakpoint support required
  • Unlimited support of complex breakpoint conditions
  • Smaller chip core area in comparison to an embedded trace module

Manufacturer’s benefits

  • For each family only one real-time emulation of CPU / DMA(3) is required (no additional on-chip peripherals(4))
  • Only one emulation system for different MCU families
  • Faster time-to-market for new MCU families, since no bond-out chip has to be developed
  • Lower development costs, because no new bond-out chip is required in the event of microcontroller redesigns or new periphery versions
  • Zero wait state real-time emulation for fast microcontrollers, for which the common debug technologies (ICE, JTAG trace) are too slow
  • Smarter solution than JTAG trace emulators or bond-out chip ICEs

Customer’s benefits

  • Cheaper microcontrollers
  • Full trace supported software development on production silicon
  • Lower TCO for development systems
  • No PCB modifications for socket required
  • Very small debug connectors
  • Smaller microcontroller packages
  • Trace data available from difficult-to-access devices (e.g. motor control unit in a driving car)
  • Cost saving: one hidICE emulator can support different microcontroller families

(1) Depending on CPU
(2) When using the hidICE port as periphery output port
(3) In case of hidICE RAM emulation
(4) When using the hidICE port as periphery output port, some simple peripherals (e.g. LED driver, pulse generators or similar) have to be emulated