As microcontrollers are getting faster and more complex, the requirements for debug support are getting more and more demanding. In order to get a complete set of trace data, bond-out-chips or on-chip trace support have been necessary until now.

Solutions using bond-out chips are very expensive and not applicable at higher CPU clock rates. The on-chip trace support makes the microcontroller more expensive, since additional chip core area and additional pins are required.

Accemic has developed hidICE as a smart solution, which solves the described problems and which provides additional advantages:

  • Zero wait state real-time emulation
  • Unique debug solution for higher CPU clock rates (even at 500 MHz)
  • No reserved pins for trace port necessary
  • No bond-out-chips required
  • Access to complete trace information
  • No on-chip breakpoint support required
  • Unlimited support of complex breakpoint conditions
  • Debugging on difficult-to-access target hardware
  • Minimal chip core area for emulation control
  • One hidICE system supports different microcontroller families
  • Cost reduction and faster