topICE the Access to your Design

Accemic’s new in-circuit emulator solution combines expensive functionality with lowest volume. In comparison to other solutions available on the market, the topICE FR emulator provides a faster DSU4 interface communication speed and a significantly smaller footprint. The topICE FR emulator can either be plugged directly onto the EMA-MB91V460A-00x / EMA-MB91FV460B-001 system, or it can be operated on the standard DSU4 connector as a stand-alone solution. The topICE in-circuit emulator is available. Please contact us for further details.



  • Complete evaluation system dimensions incl. YQ-Socket: 75mm x 65mm x 60mm
  • Direct connection to PC via USB 2.0 (High Speed 480 MBit/s)
  • No additional external devices required
  • Direct pluggable to the EMA-MB91V460A-002B-80 or EMA-MB91FV460B-001
  • Operation on the “standard” DSU4 connector on other target boards

Advanced breakpoint support

  • Advanced hardware breakpoints with hardware hit counter
  • Data breakpoints
  • Software hit counter
  • Expression parser

DSU4 Tool Interface

  • Support of DSU4 clock up to 100 MHz
  • Full DSU protocol support


  • Profiling function (timing, number of calls)
  • Performance analysis (measurement of execution time)
  • Event trigger

Front-end by Accemic MDE

  • State-of-the-art user interface
  • Processor state window


  • Programm execution trace
  • Data trace

Configuration / Updates

  • Full configurable via USB firmware download at customer site
  • Easy implementation of new protocol features