CEDARtools.SmartTrace for WCET Analysis

The next generation trace tool for hybrid WCET analysis.

Precise WCET Estimates.

Choosing the truly relevant traces for hybrid WCET analysis is essential for precise estimation.

Unlike traditional tools that arbitrarily select traces, CEDARtools®.SmartTrace focuses on the relevant traces—those with high execution times and extensive code coverage.

This smart selection process not only streamlines trace capture but also delivers incredibly realistic estimates, setting a new standard in efficiency and accuracy.

Elevate your analysis with CEDARtools®.SmartTrace!

Integrate with AbsInt TimeWeaver.

AbsInt TimeWeaver is an industry-leading tool for advanced hybrid WCET analysis. Traces recorded by CEDARtools®.SmartTrace can be seamlessly imported into TimeWeaver.

TimeWeaver provides precise estimates by integrating its extensive static analysis expertise with detailed trace data.

The results can be examined in detail using the graphical user interface, providing in-depth insight and improved accuracy in WCET estimation.

Accelerate Safety Certification.

Specifications such as EASA AMC-20-193 and ISO 26262 have been specifically addressed in the tool bundle.

CEDARtools®.SmartTrace provides a high level of evidence by allowing extended system observation over days or even weeks during testing, reliably capturing all critical behavior.

AbsInt TimeWeaver offers a wide range of detailed reports to provide you with solid evidence of your results.

Find out more about using our tools for certification by reading our latest contribution to the ERTS 2024 conference.

Save product costs.

Keep overestimated task times and the associated waste of valuable resources to a minimum!

This enables you to add more functionality to your system without having to upgrade to the next more expensive hardware.

Fact Sheet

Supported Microcontroller ArchitecturesTriCore™,
ARM® Cortex®-M, Cortex®-A, Cortex®-R,
Power Architecture®,
Intel®, RISC-V, etc.
Supported Trace InterfacesAurora
Parallel (MIPI®, Mictor)
Hardware Dimensions169 mm / 200 mm / 82 mm (L / W / H)
Supported Host OSWindows 10
Supported Host Interfaces10/100/1000 Ethernet, USB 2.0