Avionics Domain


At Accemic Technologies, we offer you the technology to monitor embedded systems non-intrusively over an unlimited time frame. This makes testing, debugging, and validation processes easier and more efficient.

Highest functional safety conditions are taken into account in the aerospace. Systems have to undergo a costly certification before they are released for operational use. Nevertheless, it cannot be excluded, that also in the operative use, additional observability is requested. The certified program code cannot be changed (e.g., by adding printf() monitor instructions, that help to observe an embedded system) without undergoing a renewed certification process.

Structural tests

The verification of test coverage (statement coverage, decision coverage, modified condition decision coverage, data coverage) often requires a comprehensive software instrumentation of the program code. This implies a slowed program execution and an increased memory footprint.

Accemic Technologies offers you the solution to attain a comprehensive analysis and documentation of your test coverage on the basis of your non-instrumented release code. As the test and certification overhead is factored out by our monitoring solution, it is no longer required to be carried into your product. Your systems are streamlined in compute and memory demands and can be produced at a lower cost.

Requirement based test

The DO-178/ED12C standard and the CAST-32A position paper ask for requirement-based tests (to verify the compliance with a specific requirement). Usually, these tests are performed by using software instrumentation. Accemic Technologies offers a new method to run these functional and structural tests (execution coverage, branch coverage, MC/DC) without software instrumentation directly on the release code. Additionally, data and control coupling analysis will be extended to cover cross-core data and control flows.

Summarized, this is a major step forward for the effective execution and monitoring of requirement-based tests.