Online Data Mining:
Embedded, at the Edge, and in the Data Center

Your system swamps you with data that needs to be dissected for information? Is the data too big to be stored? Is it too precious to be shared with the cloud? Is the analysis needed too fast to be done remotely? In all these cases, our online data mining solutions are what you are looking for. Scaling from efficient embedded solutions to extremely powerful analysis systems, your data is processed as close to the source as possible to condense the information you need at the speed that you need within the power budget that you can afford. Our embedded solutions deliver the shortest possible analysis latency, our edge solutions free you from the power constraints of your mobile systems, and our data center solutions preserve your sovereignty over your data. No matter which of these solutions you choose, our online data mining approach spares you from storing loads of intricate data by extracting your needed information on the fly.

Cyber Security

The growing complexity of all networked computer systems makes maintaining their security more than a challenge. More and more services and more functionality might increase the comfort of use but also create a huge surface for attack that is difficult to understand or even oversee. Our online monitoring solution is processing genuine system execution traces in a physically isolated analysis engine to provide the untainted, reliable insight into the operation of your critical infrastructure that you need to understand and monitor its correct operation. Behavior outside the set operational bounds is detected instantly so that immediate action ranging all the way from client notification to forced system isolation or shutdown can be taken.

Autonomous Driving

The need for perfectly working hardware and software is more than obvious for a safety-critical system like an autonomous vehicles. Engineers are facing a huge challenge and an enormous responsibility in keeping these systems safe and secure in spite of their ever-growing complexity. Our online monitoring solutions provide the insights for an efficient and reliable engineering process, monitor the proper system operation continuously, and deliver the data for the effective analysis of failures encountered in the field. We enable the feasible testing and debugging of the systems driving autonomous vehicles and provide the technology for comprehensive blackbox logging.