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Accemic Technologies is a pioneer in automated, non-intrusive and continuous analysis of embedded systems. The increasing complexity of these systems, especially when using multicore processors, leads to a disproportionately growing number of software errors. The elimination of these errors is complex. This is where we support our customers. Our products offer new possibilities for non-functional and structural tests as well as for troubleshooting. Accemic has developed a new dynamic analysis method for embedded systems. We make software test effective and efficient. We simplify the debugging process enormously and give you effective leverage even over sporadic, non-deterministic failures.

The Challenge

Embedded systems have become an essential contribution to our modern lives. Taking over more and more demanding and critical responsibilities, these systems grow increasingly complex executing sophisticated software on powerful processors. This complexity is accompanied by an ever-increasing effort for software test. The cost of testing and debugging is approximated to be 50% of the total engineering costs. Every second hour of engineering is designated to testing. The estimated annual amount of worldwide engineering cost is up to $75 billion. Insufficient testing results in costly unplanned project delays and recall actions.

It is our mission at Accemic Technologies to reduce these costs of yours with the help of our innovative technology. We provide you with the means to improve the quality and reliability of your systems and to accelerate their market launch.

Our Solution

Accemic Technologies has developed and matured a novel dynamic analysis technology. We make software tests for embedded systems more effective and efficient. We simplify the debugging process and provide you with the leverage you need to pin down the root causes of sporadic, non-deterministic failures.

Our new analysis method leverages the trace capabilities embedded into virtually all modern processors. Their trace units expose the details of the operation of the CPU and its peripherals to the outside. However, they easily produce a few GBit of trace data per second. This quickly renders approaches combining storage and offline analysis as infeasible options. We at Accemic Technologies have developed a solution that analyzes this trace-data stream in real time over an arbitrary time frame.

We provide development and test engineers with the powerful tool that boosts their productivity by enabling them to monitor a system over large time frames and to pin down even sporadic errors quickly.

Our Projects and Awards


Automotive Railway Avionics Multicore Systems


Continues Observation of Embedded Multicore Systems


GEWINNER 2016 in the startup contest WECONOMY