Entries by Thomas Preusser

Presenting at GI Conference Echtzeit 2019

Jointly with their partners, HEICON Global Engineering and the ISP at the Universität zu Lübeck,  Accemic will be presenting their realtime system monitoring capabilities based on the on-the-fly analysis of processor execution trace data. We are delivering insights into a powerful validation and analysis solution for more efficient test workflows and effective long-term in-field monitoring. Join us for our presentation and live demo

“Test und Fehlersuche in komplexen autonomen Systemen”

at Echtzeit 2019 on 21-Nov-2019.

Presenting Our Requirements-Based Testing Solution at the AerospaceTechWeek

Having one of the most capable, non-intrusive system monitoring solution at hand, we show how we leverage it to build a comprehensive methodology for requirements-based testing and structural coverage. Join HEICON Gobal Engineering and Accemic Technologies in the track for Developing Next Generation Testing Strategies at the AerospaceTechWeek in Munich on Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019.

Accemic Opening a New Office in Dresden, Saxony

Accemic  is expanding. We have opened a new office in Dresden, the capital of Silicon Saxony, with access to a great local talent pool and a pulsating R&D environment. Between the University of Excellence TU Dresden, several Fraunhofer Institutes and IT giants such as Globalfoundries and Infineon, we have joined the vast and lively scene of SMEs and innovative startups and have found our matching setting at the headquarter campus of TechnologieZentrumDresden near Dresden-Gostritz.

We are planning to grow our Dresden office quickly. So, watch out for our attractive job postings. We welcome applications for student internships and happily help in developing fulfilling and interesting goals for industrial master theses.

Online Trace Data Analysis Presented at DATE 2018

The COEMS Project consortium has presented their solution for the efficient online analysis of processor trace data at this year’s DATE conference in Dresden. Accemic designing and building the underlying monitor and analysis platform is a key partner in this exciting R&D effort. Have a look yourself and read about our solution mastering the engineering process for modern multi-core systems-on-a-chip: Online Analysis of Debug Trace Data for Embedded Systems, also available through IEEE Xplore.