Accemic Technologies presents at mipi DEVCON

The biggest hurdle in finding problems in complex processors and thus fixing them, is the huge amount of data that needs to be analyzed without intruding into system and thus compromising the system as such. In their presentation on Sept 29 2021 at 7.35 am during mipi DEVCON, which will take place from Sept 28-29, Alexander Weiss and Thomas Preußler of Accemic Technologies will present the advantages of online analysis of the relevant trace data and show how this constitutes the basis for analyzing multicore processors in future. If this is interesting to you, but you cannot make it to the presentation, get in touch with us to get more information.

Accemic Technologies Finalist in Business Plan Competition Munich 2021

This year, Accemic Technologies invested some time and effort to produce a consistent and appealing concept in form of a business plan to get feedback on where the idea to hit the market is standing at. This plan was entered at the BayStartUP competition Munich with a price from 5.000 EUR-15.000 EUR for the 3 winners.

From 83 applicants who had to put together their ideas and present these in front of a jury in several stages, Accemic Technologies had a convincing concept that brought it to be among the 8 finalists who were gathered on a live event on 22.072021 to expect the final evaluations. Accemic Technologies is happy about the results and said they learned that the concept which is very complex to understand for non-software specialists will need an improved visualization for listeners to stand against cancer treatment and financial platforms, which are easier to understand for judges. Accemic big picture is to have their patented hardware-software implemented in every complex device world-wide.